We, at Ozone Therapy Clinic, cure all sorts of joint problems & muscular problems by using Ozone (a form of Oxygen) which is the essential natural element for living creatures. Even being an Orthopedic surgeon, I strongly believe in curing patients through recreation instead of replacement. First and primary preference should be given to RECREATION. And it’s been proven scientifically that rejuvenation through recreation is entirely possible by various healing methods using Ozone as a primary element.

It is our pleasure to attend to many chronic unsolved musculoskeletal problems by using the most natural and highest energy molecule of ozone (super oxygen) in a scientific way.

I would like to call myself first as an orthopedic non surgeon and only my indications of surgery are when there is an absolute indication and necessity in all chronic musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions.

Here the goals are

1. Be simplistic in approach

2. Always try to preserve the original (god given)

3. Regeneration

4. Rejuvenation

5. Pain free and functional