Ozone Therapy is a very simple process. Shortage of Oxygen is more or less the centric reason for any disease or acute joint pain. Ozone (O3) is the rich of Oxygen(O2) and can also be termed as Super Oxygen. Ozone increases immune power in the body, decreases the pain significantly and eventually makes the healing process extremely quick and effective.
It has been found out scientifically that the source of any disease is the lack of energy at the cellular level. Oxygen is the highest energy molecule that we inhale which gets converted to energy and water molecule. It is this energy which runs the complex body systems. Ozone kickstarts this energy production cyle at the cellular level and helps in self healing . Ozone

1. Modulates the inflammation

2. Increases the immunity

3. Fights infections

4. Reduces pain and swelling

5. Imparts energy

ozone therapy